How can I get a copy of the Red Gate Ridge Covenants?

  • Go the the Kane County Recorder's office web site at
  • Select "Land Records Search."
  • At the bottom of the page log in with a Username and Password (first time users need to create one).
  • Move the cursor to "Search Land Records," then move down and select "Subdivision."
  • In the "Subdivision" field type "redgtrg" to reveal the five units in Red Gate Ridge.
  • Use the attached cheat sheet to see which lots are in which unit.  Select the appropriate subdivision code.  We are units 1 through 4. 
  • Ignore the "Block" field.
  • In the "Lot" field click on the drop down arrow and select the lot number.  
  • Click on "Search" in the upper left.
  • You want to view documents of type "DCLN."


What types of things are my Home Owners Association (HOA) Dues used for?

Your annual HOA Dues  are used for numerous purposes including:

  • Lawn Mowing & Landscaping maintenance of the common areas in the Neighborhood.
  • The Flowers and Plantings at the entrances
  • Maintaining the Storm Drainage System in the Neighborhood
  • Maintaining the Entrance and Street Lighting in the Neighborhood
  • The Holiday Lighting at the Entrances and on the Light Posts

Can I Plant Trees wherever I want on my lot?

  • We ask that you contact the Board prior to planting Trees, as planting over the Storm Drainage system often results in the homeowner paying for the clearing of their tree roots from the Storm System.
  • The Board has storm Drain maps and is very helpful in helping homeowners avoid costly repairs in the future.


Are There Specific Guidelines to follow relative to Landscaping Restrictions ?

Yes, Specific Guidelines have been set forth by the Association and include:

  • Plantings of any type in the surface drainage ditches, are prohibited.
  • No plantings of any type in close proximity to the sub-surface drain lines or storm sewer manholes without Association Approval.
  • Planting of Willow trees or similar Trees is prohibited as the root systems of these have caused significant damage to our sub-surface drainage system.
  • Please e-mail the Association Board if You have questions on the Landscaping restrictions.

What are some General restrictions that could impact me in the Covenants ?

In addition to the Architectural and Landscaping restrictions addressed above, there are additional restrictions contained in the covenants to be aware of. Items that frequently come up are:

  • Any Trailer, mobile home, recreational van/truck, boat, camper, or snowmobile, must be enclosed in an attached garage.
  • Swimming or wading pools that are 'above ground' are expressly prohibited.
  • Any In-Ground pool should be reviewed for Architectural approval prior to construction.
  • The installation of Fences is restricted - See covenants for details.
  • No Animals are allowed except  inoffensive household pets like Dogs & Cats.
  • Habitual parking on roadways is prohibited
  • No owner shall accumulate on their lot, junked vehicles, litter, refuse, or other unsightly material.